Secret Santa App #1
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Secret Santa App #1

Secret Santa App


We are regarded as your savior when you get stuck thinking of what to add to your wish list for the Secret Santa registry. You can download our best Secret Santa app – Listery.

How the works

 Install secret santa app
Install the app

You can download the app from the AppStore and Google Play Market.

Create a Wish List
Create a Wish List

Wish lists for Secret Santa and other events. There is no limit to the number of lists and wishes.

Share your  secret santa lists
Share your lists

Send a link to your Wishlist to your friends and family so they can give you something you really want.


Secret Santa No limits
No limits
Unlimited Secret Santa lists and wishes for free
Secret Santa Privacy
Create hidden lists and wishes that only you can access
Secret Santa No advertising
No advertising
No annoying ads and no wish list linkage to partner stores.
Secret Santa Gift Reservation
Gift Reservation
No problem with sharing desired Secret Santa gifts among friends
Secret Santa Friends
Subscribe to your friends, keep track of their wish lists and give actual gifts
Secret Santa Alerts
You won't forget to greet your friends. We'll remind you of upcoming events

Download for free!

Create and share your wish lists

This is a holiday season, fulfill all your wishes with our secret Santa app!

Let’s be honest! It doesn’t feel that nice to receive something that you don’t want. Even you don’t wish to gift somebody an item that they aren’t interested in. Nothing’s worse than ruining your jolly Xmas mood because of gifts that weren’t just good enough.

Besides, Christmas is all about love and magic.

In that regard, what’s better than magically (almost) know what your loved ones want and giving them those gifts. And in return, you will receive exactly all those gifts that you wish for.

That’s what a celebration is all about!

Features of Secret Santa App

No Holds Barred

Go ahead! Make as many lists as you’d like to on the Secret Santa app. This digital secret Santa app will help you at any time of the year. That’s what every child wishes for; multiple Christmas in a year!


Use the secret Santa maker app to view the wishlist of the people you follow. Not only that, even they can see your wishlist. And that’s what the app for exchange gift is for! Let others know what exactly you want this Christmas.

So stay connected with your loved ones on the app. Engage with them and device the most detailed tradition of Secret Santa through the app.

Use Multiple Social Platforms

The gift exchange app doesn’t restrict you to a specific platform. If you are someone who’s active on Pinterest, you can even add an item from there! Other than that, feel free to use text messages, emails, and Facebook.

Use the free secret Santa app to coordinate with your friends and families for the most eventful Christmas.

However, if you wish to be hush about it, keep your Secret Santa app list private.

Add Anything from Anywhere

The gift exchange generator app allows you to surf any online store in the quest for gifts. Once you find the gifts you’re looking for, go ahead and add them to the list before they run out.

Set Priority List

The Christmas gift exchange app allows you to set your own priority list.

It’s especially helpful when you have a lot of things that you want. We are all victims of wanting a little too much. So rank the items and swap according to how badly you want them. It’s also a good way to prevent burning a hole in your wallet.

Once you do, your family and friends will be able to view the list you set. Assure yourself of the gifts you wish for this Xmas.

Available on all Platforms

You can use the best secret Santa app on both iPhone and Android phones. Even the old members of your family can follow your wishes on their PCs.

Workplace Wonders

If you create gift exchange lists every year at your workplace, you must make use of the app.

You can easily make the secret Santa wish list for coworkers without much hassle. All you need to do is punch in all the names, and the secret Santa generator will do the rest. That’s it!

Once you start using the app by Listery, no doubt, you’ll get hitched on the best secret Santa app. The gift exchange process becomes very easy on this best virtual wishlist platform.

Mark the Gifts

The app even allows you to classify gifts as “Purchased.” So there are no issues regarding participants buying the same gift twice. Unless it’s the latest Play Station, nobody wants two of any gift!

Remain anonymous until the very end. That’s because no one will get to know who marked the item as “Purchased.”