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Housewarming Wish List #1

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With your key to the new house in your wallet, it's the right time to spruce the place up. And to transform your house into your home, you need some important things to consider. Instead of working all by yourself, hosting the warming party becomes a simplified solution! Thus, you need to create the wishlist and make your friends & family know it.

No wonder that a bland celebration is not required. You can make it personal and more meaningful. You can include bells ringing all-around your house – it's anticipated to bring good luck. You can also burn sage and eliminate negative energy from your house. Regardless of how you plan to celebrate, there's no denying the importance of a housewarming registry app.

How the works

Install housewarming list app
Install the app

You can download the app from the AppStore and Google Play Market. It's completely free!

Create a housewarming Wish List
Create a Wish List

Wish lists for housewarming and other events. There is no limit to the number of lists and wishes.

Share your housewarming lists
Share your lists

Send a link to your housewarming Wishlist to your friends and family so they can give you something you really want.


housewarming registry No limits
No limits
Unlimited number of housewarming lists and wishes for free
housewarming registry Privacy
Create hidden lists and wishes that only you can access
housewarming registry No advertising
No advertising
No annoying ads and no wish list linkage to partner stores.
housewarming Gift Reservation
Gift Reservation
No problem with sharing desired housewarming gifts among friends
housewarming Friends
Subscribe to your friends, keep track of their wish lists and give actual gifts
housewarming Alerts
You won't forget to greet your friends. We'll remind you of upcoming events

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Why Choose Us?

After you have pinched your pennies and managed to invest in your dream home, it's time to make that monumental beginning step to celebrate this important milestone. That calls for a housewarming registry! But to create a housewarming gift registry, you need important items. This is where we come to the forefront. We are regarded as your savior when you get stuck thinking of what to add to your wish list for the housewarming registry. You can download our best housewarming registry app – Listery.

Put your gift items in the wish list app and simplify the process. With our wishlist app, you can proceed seamlessly. Shifting to your new house means that your friends and family will bring housewarming gifts. Instead of leaving those gifts to destiny or chance, guide them through the best Housewarming Wish List ideas or Gift Registry at WishList №1.

Get Optimistic About Asking The Required Gifts

It's true that everyone doesn't feel comfortable about asking for gifts. It's totally understandable. Especially newly married couples (already benefited from receiving presents) may not ask about presents with the housewarming registry. Ultimately, it is totally up to you whether to create the housewarming registry or not. But if you have decided to do so, you can consider Listery  housewarming gift list app!

It would be perfect for filling your wish list with intriguing gift ideas on the house shopping list to a convenient gift list & avoid getting two identical products! What more interesting is that you may also download the app on your device free of cost.

Looking for great housewarming Wish List gifts? You can consider us. All you need to do is to install our housewarming wish list app.

Listery application lets you create the housewarming registry list for your gifts. You don't need to worry about signing up. It's totally free on both Android as well as iPhone. Just install the app online and enjoy the services. 

Listery Wishlist app has intriguing features. You just need to create the wishlist, add items, and share it with your friends and family. You can easily manage & review the wishlist on this app. Most importantly, you get a simplified UI for a better experience!