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Wishlist #1
Listery.app Wishlist

Listery.app Wishlist

Listery.app Wishlist

A mobile app wishlist of desired gifts that you want to receive from you from friends and relatives due to important events.

Get rid of the obnoxious question "What to give you?" and an awkward situation when you do not understand a gift budget of your friends.

Download the mobile application "Listery" make your wish lists, share them and get only what you want!

How does Listery.app wishlist work

Установите приложение
Install the application

The mobile app can be downloaded at AppStore and Google Play Market. It's free!

Создайте виш лист
Create a wishlist

Lists of wishes for wedding, birthday, housewarming party, Christmas and other events. The number of lists and wishes is not limited

Установите приложение
Share the lists

Send a link to your list to friends and family so they can give what you really need.

Why Listery.app

Why Listery.app
No limits
No limits
Unlimited lists and wishes with Listery Plus
Create hidden lists and cravings that will only be available to you
No Ads
No Ads
There is no annoying advertising and linking to the partners’ stores
Функции, которые нравятся людям
Gift Reserve
Gift Reserve
No problem with the distributing desired gifts among friends.
Subscribe to friends, follow their lists and give concrete gifts
You will not forget to congratulate your friends. We will remind you about oncoming events

Totally free!

Create and share your wish lists

Be it Christmas, Birthday, Baby Shower or any other occasion; it’s about to be very exciting!

Remember the days when you got sulky because you didn’t receive the gift you wished for? Bid those uneventful and horrible moments goodbye.

With the mobile wishlist app, you can make all your wishes come true. Besides, why wait for Christmas when every event before that can be Christmas-like. So go ahead and jot down all your wishes in this all-inclusive mobile wishlist app.

The #1 App for All Your Wishes

Like we mentioned earlier, plan your wishlist ahead.

Make use of the app to list down all that you may wish to buy later on in the future. It’ll be your quick reference when you need to search for the products again.

In simple terms, the mobile wishlist app by Listery will be your personal gift registry app. On top of that, it’s a free wishlist app.

Features of Mobile Wishlist App

Multiple Lists

You can create multiple lists. Make a wishlist for yourself, your family members, and so on.

If you’re the admin of a group, you are also free to make multiple groups, both private and public. Thus, it’s up to you to decide who gets to stay where.

Here’s an advice for you: Put all generous people in one group. You may thank us later!

Save Option

The wishlist doesn’t just let you add the items but also enables you to save their details. So if you’re getting a gift for your difficult-to-please child or loving grandma, add a description to prepare your gifts better.

Let’s be honest! Sometimes we wish for a gift that’s a bit on the pricier side. So in order to prepare your family and friends, save the items in advance. That way, they’ll be able to get ready to buy the gifts much ahead of time.

Remember to make it visible to all your followers once you create a wishlist.

Stay Connected on the App

The wishlist app by Listery isn’t a standalone application. But it offers you a complete social community!

So go ahead and follow your friends and families. In that way, the app allows you to use it as any other social media platform.

Who needs a Facebook Marketplace when you’ve got the perfect app to list all your wishes?

You can even view the items they listed on your followers’ wishlists. Thus, if you’re bad with surprises, the app can really help you in picking the right gifts. So stay connected and engaged with those you follow and the ones who follow you.


Are you using an Android or iPhone? It doesn’t matter; you can install the app on either.

If you use iOS, you know how hard it is to find the app variety that Android users enjoy. But that’s something you won’t have to worry about that with the best online wishlist maker.

Ensure that you carefully follow the wishlist app download process.

Get Alerts

Count on this app to never miss an important event in your life. The gift list app pings you in case an event is drawing closer. That way, you stay informed and prepared to make a wish list for the people you love.

The app will be much more than a wishlist creator for you.

What’s more, you can be sure that you’ll never miss out on sales and discounts your favorites brands are offering.

It’s a fact that as much as you wish to buy exquisite gifts, your budget doesn’t allow you such luxuries. So with this app, you can actually get those items that you’d probably never afford.


Take advantage of the vast marketplace of this universal wishlist app. You’re not limited to just a few specific online shopping sites. Be it Zara or Amazon, go right ahead and add an item from any store in the internet.

This feature, for sure, puts it in the run for the best app for wishlist.