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This Christmas, get ready to accept gifts that you actually want!

And no, we don’t mean the tacky gifts that well-meaning friends and family ‘think’ you need. We mean a season where every gift you receive is precisely what you want or need. You can return the favor by presenting them exactly what they want when the time comes. Get all that and more on Listery – your ultimate Christmas wish list app.

With Listery, you and your friends, family, or colleagues can give each other perfect gifts. Use this Christmas wish list maker to let your inner circle know what exactly you want this season.

It’s easy to use and even easier to share!

How the works

Install christmas list app
Install the app

You can download the app from the AppStore and Google Play Market. It's completely free!

Create a christmas Wish List
Create a Wish List

Wish lists for weddings, birthdays, housewarming, new year and other events. There is no limit to the number of lists and wishes.

Create a christmas Wish List
Share your lists

Send a link to your Wishlist to your friends and family so they can give you something you really want.


Christmas registry No limits
No limits
Unlimited number of Christmas lists and wishes for free
Christmas registry Privacy
Create hidden lists and cravings that will only be available to you
Christmas registry No advertising
No Ads
There is no annoying advertising and linking to the partners’ stores
Christmas Gift Reservation
Gift Reservation
No problem with sharing desired gifts among friends
Christmas Friends
Subscribe to friends, follow their lists and give concrete gifts
Christmas Alerts
You won't forget to greet your friends. We'll remind you of upcoming events

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Create and share your wish lists

How it works

Simply create a list of all the stuff you’ve been wanting and let your friends and family do the same. Now, share the lists with each other and start giving! It’s not just a Christmas wish list app; it's an all-in-one Christmas gift app.

It’s personalized, it’s special, and it’s super easy!

Check out the awesome features you get with Listery

Multiple Lists

X-mas season is for everyone to give and receive. The best Christmas wish list creator should have an entry for everyone. So go ahead and make a list for family members with a unique list for each person.

Start with a list for yourself. Then, maybe create one for your partner or spouse. And that’s not all! You can go on and create individual lists for each of your children too.

Add visuals

Few things grab a viewer’s attention more than a striking image. Create a Christmas wish list that’s appealing and attractive with Listery.

You can easily add pictures and images of the products you wished for. Visuals allow the giver to get an idea of the product instantly. Also, it makes your items pop with life and color instead of boring the reader with walls of text.

Add a personalized description.

Listery also allows you to add text that appears as a description to the viewer.

This feature can serve several purposes. For instance, you can explain what the product is (if it’s an uncommon gift). Another way to use this space is by adding a few lines about how it would help you (How about some honesty at Christmas?). Or you could simply explain why you want this particular model, design, brand, etc.

We leave it to your imagination to make full use of this space!

Add links

Make shopping easy for everyone by adding links to relevant vendors.

It's 2021, and no one wants to keep running to the store for a last-minute Xmas gift. Listery lets you attach links to online platforms that have the gift you want. Shopping for Christmas gifts has never gotten easier!

Share and Care for each other

Looking for a shareable Christmas list app? Listery’s got your back! 

Listery is a Xmas list maker that doubles as a mini networking tool. It’s easy to share with family and friends. You get to connect with each other by keeping track of each person's wants. And honestly, checking off an item on a dear one’s wishlist is one of the sweetest gestures. It’s a Christmas wish list app that brings friends and family closer together.

Get Reminders

Got a loved one’s birthday near Christmas? Never miss out on saved birthdays again!

The app will automatically set timely reminders whenever a birthday on your list is due. Let's be honest, it's a busy season, and birthdays can easily slip right under your nose. With Listery, you can anticipate birthdays and straightaway pick a gift from a list.

Supports multiple platforms

Need a Christmas list app for iPhone and android? Listery works on all major platforms!

Whether you’re rocking the latest ios or riding steadily on an Android, the app will run on any system. Whether it’s a tablet, phablet, or phone, it takes one click to download and install this Christmas gift list app and start listing!