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Baby Shower Wish List #1

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We are regarded as your savior when you get stuck thinking of what to add to your wish list for the Baby Shower registry. You can download our best Baby Shower registry app – Listery.

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Install baby shower list app
Install the app

You can download the app from the AppStore and Google Play Market. It's completely free!

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Create a Wish List

Wish lists for baby shower and other events. There is no limit to the number of lists and wishes.

Create a baby shower Wish List
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Send a link to your baby shower Wishlist to your friends and family so they can give you something you really want.


baby shower list No limits
No limits
Unlimited baby shower lists and wishes for free
baby shower registry Privacy
Create hidden lists and wishes that only you can access
baby shower list No advertising
No advertising
No annoying ads and no wish list linkage to partner stores.
baby shower list Reservation
Gift Reservation
No problem with sharing desired baby shower gifts among friends
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Subscribe to your friends, keep track of their wish lists and give actual gifts
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You won't forget to greet your friends. We'll remind you of upcoming events

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Motherhood is the most auspicious event of woman’s life. Use a baby shower wish list app to make your party smart and joiyful. Let your eternal love begin and continue to shower upon the newbie’s life.

A baby shower ceremony is the first step to enter the life of a mother. It’s a prior celebration of welcoming the baby and wishing a prosperous future for both the mother and the baby. As it’s a celebration, it definitely calls for gifts. And to make the day more eventful here is a list of some  advantages that you receive with a Listery baby shower registry list app on iPhone or Android phone.

Make your baby shower exclusive

In a modern world full of different events, tasks and work, it is quite easy to lose sight of an event or holiday. It is exactly for your friends, relatives or colleagues not forget about the gift for a special event baby shower gift wish list app - Listery was created.

You will easily create your own unique list of gifts that you and your child need. Select an item you liked on any preferable site, copy the link to your app. Add an image and a unique name with a description (so as not to confuse) and it is done! Each of the guests will be able to view your baby shower gift list online. The link for viewing will be available to users who are not registered with Listery on a computer or laptop. Such users will then be able to install Listery and select the right item for purchase from the list.

If they already have our baby shower present list app it will become a matterof some seconds and just a couple of clicks to reserve a gift and you will find out about it immediately.

Simlify your life with us

You can experiment as you like! Add and remove gifts at any time. Share lists with your subscribers or through mail and messenger. If you are only considering gift ideas - make your list private, and no one will know about it. Emoji icons will help not to get confused and be able to find the right list quickly. You may use different  signs for the lists and edit them at ease.

A book about parenting, clothing, feeding and sleeping devices, a stroller or a crib is a rather impressive list of things that may be needed after the birth of a child. You can make your own wish list "baby shower" at any time and anywhere where there is Internet or wi-fi. The free Listery app is always on hand in your smartphone and it hardly takes up space on your Android or iOS device.

The best way to do a baby registry is to install the Listery app on your mobile device.