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Birthday Wish List #1

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We are regarded as your savior when you get stuck thinking of what to add to your wish list for the birthday registry. You can download our best birthday registry app – Listery.

How the works

Install birthday app
Install the app

You can download the app from the AppStore and Google Play Market. It's completely free!

Create a birthday Wish List
Create a Wish List

Wish lists for birthdays and other events. There is no limit to the number of lists and wishes.

Share your bday lists
Share your lists

Send a link to your birthday Wishlist to your friends and family so they can give you something you really want.


birthday registry No limits
No limits
Unlimited birthday lists and wishes for free
birthday registry Privacy
Create hidden lists and wishes that only you can access
birthday registry No advertising
No advertising
No annoying ads and no wish list linkage to partner stores.
birthday Gift Reservation
Gift Reservation
No problem with sharing desired birthday gifts among friends
birthday Friends
Subscribe to your friends, keep track of their wish lists and give actual gifts
birthday Alerts
You won't forget to greet your friends. We'll remind you of upcoming events

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Create and share your wish lists

Is your birthday coming up real soon? Use the birthday wish list app to grope in all your birthday wishes, only those you want.

Who doesn’t look forward to their birthdays? Even adults wait eagerly to yearly birth celebrations and the gifts that come along with them. Be it the latest Star Wars Lightsabers or an Elsa doll, jot it all down.

Use the best birthday wish list app of 2021 today!

Features of Birthday Wish List App

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As kids, at one point in time or another, we’ve all made a list of what we ever wanted. Needless to say, those lists ran pretty long. You might’ve even carried a copy of your wishlist around.

The birthday wish list app is not only very similar to that, but it’s much bigger and better!

Do you wish to buy one-of-a-kind of gifts? With this application, you can be sure that nobody will buy the same gift as you. And don’t forget those birthdays that left you sad and disappointed; never again!

Versatile App

Anyone in your family will find the birthday wishlist simple and easy to use.

Even your grandma can use it to buy birthday gifts. You can add and remove items efficiently without any hassle. The best feature of the birthday gift application is that you can avail of its features free of cost!

Furthermore, if you aren’t sure which gifts to add, the birthday wish list app even has guides on that.

So use these guides to know what you should be aiming for. It even has a section on how to go about it!

As the birthday wishlist creator, you’re basically the boss. You decide who gets to be in the group. So go ahead and make private groups by adding family and friends wherever you wish to.

If you wish to let the kids know that Santa is coming to town, the app has features for that too!

Use the app to make a great wishlist app for the holiday season. You’re assured to buy the perfect gift for a fun game of Secret Santa.

Varied Selections

Go right ahead! Add items in your birthday gift wish list app from a wide selection of online stores.

Say you find the gift that you like from a store. Add it without wasting any time! You know how easily good gifts run out of stock, especially around the holiday season.

So, as soon as you find the right item, make sure to add it to the birthday gift list app.

All Data in One Place

You can save just about every detail on the birthday registry app. Make notes of anything from links, images all the way to descriptions.

If you feel lazy to do that, the birthday gift registry app will do it for you. It’s basically Santa’s workshop!


Everyone in the family has a way to use the Birthday Wishlist App.

Use it on the go with the iPhone or Android or on a laptop while chilling in a café. Even Grandpa can follow you on a PC at home. But you’ll have to download and install the birthday wishlist maker on your device and share the list.

User-Friendly Interface

Do whatever you wish to with your lists on the birthday gift app.

Arrange your gift items as you see fit. You can organize the items based on the pricing or by following any other criteria. Think of it as your own personalized shopping organizer.

More so, you have the choice of updating your lists if you come across a very nice item.

So go on and share the birthday present list you prepared with family and friends. Also, do make it visible to others; that’s the whole point!